Origins of the Cooperative society

Sierras Andaluzas is born in 2001 on the initiative of 10 bee-keepers of the Andalusian field, with the intention of defending and consolidating competitive qualit product and on the market of the honey. To be able to reach this product of high quality, there exist rigorous controls and a total follow-up of the honey from his extraction of the honeycombs up to his consumption.

Our Cooperative society only uses honey 100 % of our bee-keepers for what we can guarantee the high degree of quality of our honeys. Likewise, our system of packed traditional allows us that all our honeys could come up to the client with all his(her,your) properties without any type of adulteration. Honey 100 % without any type of additives not preserving.

Our struggle for the Quality is constant, and sample of it is in the attainment of the Certificates according to the Qualit norm ISO 9001:2000 and Environment UNE-EN-ISO 14.001:2004, and the attainment of the Mark of Nature reserves of the Meeting of Andalusia. The quality is our principal Aim.

From his constitution, the activity of the Cooperative society has influenced very positively the improvement of the sector apĂ­cola of western Andalusia and, has contributed of important form to the raise of the prices perceived by the marketing of the honey. Andalusian saws, beside commercializing the honey jointly, it gives a series of services to the associates as the sale of material: beehives, wax, food, cans, etc.

Andalusian saws, it commercialized the campaign 2003 near 600.000 kilos of honey, (principally honey flowers and Orange blossom) being his principal destiny the European market. The growth has been constant, there has taken place(been produced) an increase of commercialized Kgs., the number of associates, the influence in the rest of Andalusia, types of honey. Etc. At present the production of honey of our associates places concerning(around) the million Kgs. with varieties of honeys as the Rosemary, Albaida, Cantueso, Sunflower, Orange blossom, Thyme...

The associates' entry in the Cooperative society has been a responses between the epistle and the gospel, happening from 30 that took part in the first Campaign to near 140 in the Campaign 2006.

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